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Message from the Governor of Hyogo
  Recently, emerging countries in Asia, including China, have been enjoying remarkable development. For Hyogo to maintain sustainable development, utilizing this energy is essential. In light of this, Hyogo Prefecture established the Hyogo Business & Tourism Centre in Hong Kong, a key city in the network of Asian countries, as a hub to enhance our economic exchange.
  Through this office, we support Hyogo-based companies in developing their business in Asia by providing local business information, introducing specialized institutions and creating business exchange opportunities. The goals of the office also include attracting visitors to Hyogo by publicizing tourist information, and developing overseas markets for goods from Hyogo by showcasing industrial products and foods. In addition, the office contributes to the promotion of Hyogo’s exchange with its friendly regions, Guangdong and Hainan Provinces, as well as to a stronger network of Hyogo-related people by cementing the ties among kenjinkai (Hyogo fellowship associations) in Asia.
  Hyogo has accomplished prominent development since the opening of the Port of Kobe in 1868. A wide range of global exchange, including business activities, is the source of strength and energy for Hyogo.
  The Hyogo Business & Tourism Centre is always open to Hyogo-based companies and organizations that wish to start expanding economic exchange with Asia, as well as to people from China and other Asian regions who are interested in Hyogo. Please make the best use of this new local center.
October, 2012
Toshizo Ido
Governor of Hyogo Prefecture
Hyogo Business & Tourism Centre